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Thank you for using the Movewell instant online valuation service. We hope that you found this tool useful in obtaining a guide price as to the value of your property.

How we arrived at this valuation:

  1. We looked at a large number of similar properties within a small radius of your property
  2. We narrowed these properties down to properties with the same amount of bedrooms as your home
  3. We fine tuned the valuation further by only looking at properties that are the same type as yours (for example, semi-detached)
  4. We took an average of the recent sales value of these properties.

Things that may affect the valuation:

Due to the nature of online valuation data, we can’t guarantee that the figures shown are as accurate as they could be, but you’ll see from above, we’ve tried really hard to get it as accurate as possible.

Sometimes, if the property being valued is in an area with lots of different property types, the figures can be a little off.

What happens next?

Your enquiry has been assigned to a member of the Movewell valuation team who will call you to discuss a free of charge, face to face appraisal of your property to help give you the most accurate valuation possible.


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